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Happy April Beautiful Ones!

For many of us spring cleaning and a sense of purging our spaces is in full-swing!

Here is something for us to consider as we refresh our sacred spaces; don’t forget to clear that mental space!

So many times many of us have operated in fear and not faith. We know God is calling unto us but fear can sometimes creep in our thoughts, plans, and even conversations with others.

Guess what, we are called to walk in faith and not just co-exist with fear as our side-kick! We need to kick fear to the side and command our spaces to run freely in faith!

Yesterday I walked in faith and made public on social media my “on the side” business of ($5 Bling). Within minutes I had not only likes, (like me on FB-🙃), but also sales.

I 🛑 and 💭 why did it take me so long to walk in faith and post….The possibilities of why not came rushing to my mind, however God’s voice was louder.

So as you continue spring cleaning 🧹, sweep out all the junk of “I can’t, the “buts,” and whatever or whom ever has allowed you to stay stagnant in fear.

Issa a nope for FEAR! Let’s walk it out, in FAITH!

Toodles Beautiful Ones,

Rev. Christal

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