• Rev. Dr. Christal B.

The Spark of STEM in Christian Education in the Local Church: STEMulating Our Churches

In churches 


Choral groups, liturgical dance/mime ministries, and other avenues of the arts are inviting students to not only develop and hone in on their skills but also provide them with a connection to the Divine. We can see the fruit of this in many churches where intergenerational ministries thrive and invite all to the table. However, we cannot stop here.

This past year I have seen a huge peak in the area of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) -based Christian Education materials and curriculum. There are Vacation Bible School curriculums, bible studies, and even apps that focus their teaching styles on teaching the bible in an interactive way.

There are many different ways that churches can incorporate STEM-based learning in their Christian Education departments. There are various books and websites that offer free illustrations to leaders to aid students in learning about the Bible in a more interactive way through experiments and interactive activities.

This summer I was a part of a multi-site Vacation Bible School model that incorporated the STEM model. It was interesting to notate that the retention rate of students was higher than the previous year. Students also invited their friends on the second day once they were able to participate in the first day’s fun experimental activities. To get an idea of a couple of ways that your church can include STEM in their Christian Education Department, check out http://www.madaboutjesus.net/index.html.


Published in the August 2017 Edition of The Christian Recorder.


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