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You Decide

Have you ever felt the overwhelming feeling of “maybe it will happen for me in the future.” I surely know that I have felt this emotion, way too often! Pondering, wondering, and hoping that “my ship” will finally dock and set sail. Truth be told, I love to celebrate others as they embark on exciting futures of family, career opportunities, and even children…but I wonder, “What about me, Lord.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I will not wallow in a hole and fall apart, or even dedicate this blog to depressing thoughts. I am just being authentic in the place where I find myself. Journaling has been an uplifting outlet that has allowed me to capture my feelings on paper, and reflect later on the implications my words had on my circumstance. However, even in the midst of the unknowns, I am making the conscious effort to live as the journal states below, and “Be My Best Self.”

So you can decide to have a pity party about the way your life is now, or you can embrace the gift of life and make the most of it daily! I choose to embrace, enjoy, and embark daily on new adventures. I hope you choose to do the same….You Decide!


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