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Hey Beautiful Ones!

I hope you had an outstanding week! As I reflect this evening, I can’t help but to remember my Grandmommie. My Grandmother would have been 92 years old today. I miss her.

When I was a child, I would spend part of my summer with her and my cousins in Boca Raton visiting my family. We would all have such a glorious time. I cherish those memories.

I relish the times my cousins and I would gather at 617 (her home address) and just “be kids.” We would laugh and play while Grandmommie made her famous caramel cake that we loved so much.

I can’t help but shed a tear when I remember in her latter years her joy in me accepting my call into ministry. I was still in college, but my plans were to enter Seninary upon graduation. She never got to see me walk across either stage, but I did. I have always felt her presence with me.

When I venture into the city, I can’t help but drive past 617 at times. If I listen real closely it seems like I hear the music playing in the backyard where we would play. I close my eyes and can see my cousins and I eating candy from “the candy lady” who lived nearby. I smile and see through the bay window, the three little amigas: Me and two of my favorite cousins sitting on the plastic covered couch in the living room in our matching pjs posing for a picture. What great times! Oh, 617…

617, just a number to you, but a sacred place for me. Anna Bell will forever be in my heart.


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