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God Is Still Good

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Sorry for the lapse of time that has passed since we have last met. I pray life is well with each of you. This past weekend I stumbled upon a scripture passage that caught my attention “…and if not HE is still good…” Daniel 3:18.

While examining the context of this text and my current reality, I had to pause and repeat Daniel 3:18 this to myself. Life can be filled with some crazy twists and turns that can at times leave one puzzled. I have recently found myself at this point. However, like the three Hebrew boys in the story of Daniel, …”if not HE (God) is still good.”When things are going well, it’s easy to trust God, but when things are not…, then what.

If you are going through a season of uncertainty just know that the same God who delivered the men from the lions den will deliver you. It might be in an unexpected way, but God is still the God of goodness and love.

Below is one of my favorite spots in Cuba at the beach.

It was a place of quiet and reflection for me. I go there tonight in my mind, and invite you to go to your “quiet space” and have some time with God.

God Loves You,  Beautiful Ones!

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