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Three years ago I was asked to serve in a capacity that was completely outside of my comfort zone. I was asked to serve as a teaching ambassador in Guatemala. I did not know what to expect. I did not speak the language. I had no clue what I would find when I arrived. However, three years and over 100 students served later, I absolutely love our mission site in Mixco, Guatemala. Out of all the places that I have served globally, this sacred place speaks to my heart every single time I visit.

During the school year, the church I work for sponsors an ESL learning experience for children and youth. We sponsor this free educational program understanding that the benefits will follow them for a lifetime. The ESL experience has afforded some of the students to not only obtain better employment opportunities, but has also boosted their self- confidence!

It has been a joy and honor to watch these precious little ones, literally grow up in front of my eyes. Every year they are not only speaking better English, but want to fill me in on what has been going on in their lives since the last time we encountered each other. While many think the field of missions deals mostly with the tangible buildings, such as repairing roofs, wheelchair ramps, etc; the heart of missions is really the people! While tangible rebuilds are necessary, it is imperative that one bonds with the community.

I am thankful that God has called me to this sacred beautiful land to serve. I am excited to see what this week holds. I am sure like always, I will encounter the Divine in a new way when I am there. The people, the food, the culture, the land; all remind me of the majesty of God’s creation.

God is amazing! Stay Uplifted.

Dios es asombroso.


Rev. Christal

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