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Heart Talks

Hey Beautiful Ones!

Have you ever had one of those conversations that made your heart jump? I mean a conversation that made you feel happy and relieved all at the same time…? I call them heart talks.

Heart talks are conversations that deal with the matters of the heart. Though they can be fairly rare, when I do encounter them it’s a wonderful surprise. Tonight was one of those nights! I am grateful and thankful for love from friends and family. I am blessed to have amazing support from wonderful people in my life, even when I least expect it. Though at times I don’t deserve it, I am blessed that love, peace, & forgiveness are gifts that when given and received can then be a reminder to me,  to extend it to others!

This weekend try to get to the “heart of the matter” and have real honest conversations with those in your life. You might just be surprised with the outcome!


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