Happy Women’s HERstory Month. It seems like just yesterday we were beginning a brand new year, but now we have marched forward to March. 🙂 March means many things to many people. For me, it is my birthday month (enter celebratory clap, the continuation of lent, and of course Women’s Herstory Month. We (humankind) all have a story to tell. This month however focuses on the transformative stories of women and their courage to triumph in the midst of it all. March is a time to honor women who have played critical roles in our journey and to celebrate the ones that have gone to be with the ancestors. What story is your life telling? What story will they tell about you, when its all said and done? How does your life speak?

Your story truly does matter. Share your truth. Tell your testimony. Make an impact. You never know what impact your story can have on another, if you never tell it.

Happy HERstory Month!

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