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Pray, & Go

Hey Beuatiful Ones!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Many have made this day ” a day on & not off” by participating in peace rallys, lectures, & service projects.

As I reflect upon Kings prolific speeches and life, I can’t help but wonder if “we” as a collective whole have made any progress?! Violence, injustice, and racism runs rampant in our world more than ever before. People are getting killed because they were the “wrong color” even in the “right place.” It seems like destruction, distress, and depression has invaded the African American community in various ways.

What can we do? We can pray & then act! What have you done not just today, but daily to promote justice and peace? When is the last time you got involved in your local community or that of one that is in need?

I do not pose these questions as a guilt trip, but just as a reminder that we are all called to DO SOMETHING! Pray and ask God what that something is & then Act upon it!



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