When is the last time you…Selah. When is the last moment you paused and reflected in your current space about that particular moment? With a list of to do’s, errands, meetings, calls, more meetings, and just stuff, our lives can get consumed in all of the doing that we stop being. Being present in the moment. Being mindful that we should give and receive grace towards ourselves and others. Just plain being. It’s hard to “be still and know that God is God” when we are constantly on the go. The sacred art of selah reminds us that even the Creator rested, we too should find time to rest. We should find time to set aside and just be.

As a practitioner of self-care and an encourager to others of the same, I get alarmed 😱 when I sense others “plates” are full. I sense their “energizer bunny” going and going and going until what…and what for.

While I must admit that at times my plate, bowl, cup, and every utensil is full at times, this is nothing to be proud of. We should all make the time to get back in rhythm and selah.

In divine creation, the Creator created the splendors of the world including humankind and then rested. In the Gospels Jesus healed, delivered, proclaimed, AND Jesus got away and rested. We too should rest.

Rest, selah, pause, and reflection are vital components of a healthy rhythm of life. The song book of the Bible, Psalm reminds us that selah is a rhythm of living. We inhale. We exhale. We sleep. We wake. We should selah.

My prayer for you during this journey is that you will carve out moments in your day to be still. To take moments in your present living and selah.

Until next time….

Selah & Blessings

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