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Soul Food

This week I was blessed to serve as the Mission Service Coordinator for a Christian Children/Youth Conference. While I watched and took photographs of over 200 people from ages 5-70 pack food for children and families they would never meet, I witnessed the packers themselves “getting fed; soul food. The pulse in the air was magnetic and the Spirit in all her glory abided with us.

With each scoop, every sealed bag, taped box, and loud cheer you could literally see all of the participants taking pride in their accomplishments and part they were planning to relieve world hunger.

According to the World Hunger Education Service (the statistical arm of the World Hunger organization) “Approximately 3.1 million children die from hunger each year.”  

Organizations like Feed My Starving Children are providing opportunities not only to become educated about the link to world hunger and poverty, but also provide a tangible way for people to help alleviate a systemic problem.

If you would like to help alleviate world hunger, I invite you to play the trivia game on freerice.com. This trivia site game feeds millions of people by providing rice for each answer that is correct.


Rev. Christal

SOUL-Food Pictures at Feed My Starving Children.

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