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Spread Your Wings

Have you ever received a phone call that began with “I need your help?” The fact is that we all have in one way or another. While it is awesome to aid those in need, please don’t forget to help yourself! Too many times we choose to help others with their problems and dreams and neglect our own. The next thing you know their “wings” are spreading and you have either forgotten that you have “wings” or maybe have just given up altogether.

Wherever you find yourself on this life’s journey, don’t forget to spread your wings! God has given you amazing and beautiful gifts to share with the world. It is now time to seek God, stay with the vision that God has given you, and spread those wings! Brace yourself, not everyone is going to like your new-found ability to soar, but guess what who cares! There is plenty room for all of us to spread our wings and live the life that God is calling us to live.


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