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Time to Fly

A month ago I was blessed to travel to Mixco, Guatemala to observe and get updates on the ESL program my church started a couple of years back. It was awesome to see students that I met on day one, two years prior and the ways in which they had not only grown in their English vocabulary but also in stature as well.

One of the beautiful blessings of this ESL program is that we partner with a local church right in the middle of the town. Daily, students come and are excited not only to participate in the program but learn scripture as well.

I never would have imagined that God would send me to a foreign land teaching God’s Word in a language that is foreign to me. However more and more I am embracing the reality that we serve an awesome and amazing God. God–that not only loves us past our wildest imagination but also takes us to new sacred spaces and places.

In what areas of your life are you limiting yourself; and not allowing God to be God? Who are you allowing to shape your dreams and goals? I invite you to reflect and set some time aside say “it’s time to fly.” It is time to stop playing small. The time for your gifts to manifest and push you towards your destiny is now. It it time to fly!

Blessings Beautiful Ones,

Rev. Christal

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